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SLFC Sermon Notes Now to Be Posted on

To friends and anyone interested in some good uplifting words, I am going to start posting my raw sermon notes from St. Louis Family Church on my other blog, I’ve been taking digital notes since last year when I got my iPhone, and I type around 35 WPM, so I catch quite a lot […]

Still Buzzing!

It’s been an hour and a half. The lamp is still buzzing, although it is a subtle, more quiet version of the buzz. Almost tolerable. iPod headphones would definitely cover it up now. I can even make a phone call without embarassment!

Buzzing… Will It Drive Me Crazy?

As many of you know I’ve been working from home the last several months since I left my job at NAED. I have a great workspace with a window, a 24″ monitor, places for my files, and my new ScanSnap document scanner. I also have this lamp which I inherited from Brett. It is a […]

Our Olympic Moment with Rulon Gardner, Gold Medalist

We’ve spent hours glued to the tube, watching the Olympics lately. We’ve Tivoed nearly everything, so we’ve been able to catch some of the lesser known sports like: BMX racing, shotput, badminton, table tennis, shooting, trampoline, and weight-lifting. The other night we were watching wrestling when we heard a familiar voice… it was Rulon Gardner. […]

Brett Gets His New iPhone; Sonia Deserves Award for Waiting with Him for 4.5 Hours!

Brett and I headed out at 7 a.m. this morning on a mission to snag him a new iPhone 3G. First we went to the AT&T store (where Brett successfully got his iPhone last year). Last year, he was #36 in line. This year, we were in the 50-60 person range. At about 7:20 a.m., […]

Photos from Dad’s Fishing Trip

My dad, Ed, has returned from his big fishing trip to Minnesota; he had a great time with his friend Rich. During the two-plus weeks they were there, they caught all the fish they were allowed to keep. Dad’s biggest record: a 6.5 lb. walleye! Dad and Rich camped out, but they had TV, so […]

Congrats to Doug on Graduating College (Plus a Party on June 14)

My brother Doug has graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a double major in graphic design and drawing. Way to go! He is currently searching for a job, so if you know of any leads, send me an email or leave a comment. We are having a graduation party for him on June […]

Hard to Believe, But Sonia Is Volunteering to Spend Next Week with 2000 Kids

If I’m offline a lot next week, now you know why. Don’t go into shock… but yes, I have willingly donated 4 days of next week to an all-day kids camp with 2000 kiddies. Our church, St. Louis Family Church, hosts a huge event for kids called JUMP that includes a waterpark, inflatables, games, and, […]

Upcoming Concerts that Brett Recommends

Brett says: Here’s an update on good tunes around St. Louis… Consider this an FYI. You may see me at any of these events. In Summary (worth checking out): Yellowjackets – 5/21-5/24 (Got our tix for May 24 at 8:30 p.m.) Groove Thang – 5/17/08 – our local favs, also from our wedding reception […]

Check out the new music video from our church, “My Whole World” — Very Cool!

Our church has just released its first music album called, “My Whole World.” This is the title song, and I thought it was a very cool video to boot! Very visually pleasing and funky!!! If you’d like to hear more, stop by St. Louis Family Church on Friday night or Sunday morning. The “My Whole […]