Buzzing… Will It Drive Me Crazy?

This is my buzzing desk lampAs many of you know I’ve been working from home the last several months since I left my job at NAED. I have a great workspace with a window, a 24″ monitor, places for my files, and my new ScanSnap document scanner.

I also have this lamp which I inherited from Brett. It is a nice black lamp with a cool extending adjustable arm: the only problem is that it is buzzes. Not a quiet buzz noticeable only to dogs. No, this is a loud irritating buzz that you can hear even over iPod headphones.

Sometimes it only buzzes for 15 minutes, but other times, like today, it’s going on 45 minutes. But eventually, the buzzing will stop. Then it’s this really great lamp again. And I forget that I hated it earlier!

So I guess the question is: how long can I put up with the buzzing? We’ve looked at other lamps in the store, but most of them are cheaper and not nearly as nice as my little black buzzer lamp. So I endure.

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Sonia, Ed asked if your light is fluorescent and if so maybe it needs a new bulb. Colleen

Leave the lamp on Monday through Friday…continuously so you don’t have to deal with the buzz.

Give the lamp the weekend off.