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  • Auntie Sonia!

    My brother, Doug, and his wife, Lauren had their baby boy yesterday. They were still trying to decide his name, but he’s adorable. He has two dimples just like my brother and my mom. The photos say more than words. My mom would have been so thrilled!

  • Now that’s what I call a BLT

    It was messy, but oh so good!

  • Brett Meets His Tech Hero: Matt Mullenweg

    How awesome is it when my shy and quiet husband has one of the world’s most amazing tech leaders sit down next to him at lunch? This happened on Saturday while Brett, Natalie and I were attending WordCamp St. Louis. This is where web developers and managers get together to learn about the WordPress (a […]

  • Summer Music Update from Brett

    Lots of good music coming our way this summer… Here’s the breakdown from Brett on his blog: Hope to see you at some concerts!

  • Judging My Book by Its Cover

    As you’ve read here on, I recently finished writing a 120 page book. In December, I started brainstorming ideas for my 90+ page culminating project for my Masters in Fine Art in Writing (MFA). Originally, I waffled between fiction and non-fiction. I spent hours thinking of ideas, writing outlines, and then ultimately ditching everything. […]

  • Good News: Consumer Reports Says Dark Chocolate Is a Stress Reliever

    Brett forwarded me an article on the Consumer Reports website that says that dark chocolate was shown to reduce stress in a recent study. Now that’s some good news! Here’s a quote from the article: In a study last year 30 people who complained about stress ate a little bit of dark chocolate every day […]

  • Local Music Update from Brett

    From Brett: I certainly have not made many concerts lately. I’m hoping for some good aggressive stuff soon. Lots going on, but I must be getting ADD, as it takes more to hold my attention now… =) I did want to mention that there are some free happenings at Washington University I just noticed, starting […]

  • Merry Christmas! Some of the things we’re grateful for…

    When we think about this year, we have a few things that really stand out that we’re extremely grateful for: We’re alive! We won’t be taking that for granted anytime soon. Jesus loves us A great new house with wonderful offices for our businesses We thank our family and friends for all of their love […]

  • Sonia Getting Ready to Start Her BIG Final Project for Her Master’s in Writing

    Any ideas or thoughts or prayers… all are welcome. I’ve just signed up to complete a 60-90 page writing project as the culmination for my Masters in Fine Arts in Writing. I have until March… and currently I have no clear idea on what I want to do. However, deadlines do seem to inspire creativity, […]

  • Update on the family

    I have the wonderful opportunity to talk or email with many of our friends, but sometimes time goes faster than expected, OR I just forget to update friends with how things are going. I get a lot of questions about how my family has been doing because we’ve all had a pretty rough time of […]