Judging My Book by Its Cover

Boss of the Year Book CoverAs you’ve read here on BrettandSonia.com, I recently finished writing a 120 page book. In December, I started brainstorming ideas for my 90+ page culminating project for my Masters in Fine Art in Writing (MFA). Originally, I waffled between fiction and non-fiction. I spent hours thinking of ideas, writing outlines, and then ultimately ditching everything.

Finally, I gave up on writing something deep and meaningful… and decided to write something that was fun instead. Let’s face it: we all need more fun in our lives.

I have always loved murder mysteries, so I decided to take the plunge and attempt to write a novel. It was an interesting exploration quite different from journalism; a cadence between cranking out new scenes on my iPhone and editing on my laptop. I also found I couldn’t get more than two scenes ahead of myself in the book without losing my way; so long, careful outlines just didn’t work.

For the longest time, I didn’t know who was the murderer myself, and I thought this was good because then my writing wouldn’t become to predictable. I tried to walk along side the main character and learn about things when she did.

As I’m a reader who has always enjoyed walking along a library shelf and picking out a book based on its cover, I was thrilled when Brett designed me this awesome cover. I am planning on returning to editing soon once I get more feedback from my first round of friendly reviewers (friends and family). Then, Brett and I may see if we can get it published in Apple’s iBookstore.

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