About Us


Brett and Sonia met in 2000. They became good friends, sharing common values, beliefs and interest in British TV shows. In the work arena, their talents meshed well: Brett is good with pictures, and Sonia is good with words. (Hence, on this site, you’ll see words coming from Sonia and Web site design coming from Brett.) They eventually became more than friends in a lengthy transition that spurred lots of conversations by all who knew them. Brett and Sonia were married in 2005. The wedding birthed Brettandsonia.com, and it has been a fun way for them to share their lives with friends and strangers alike.

Work info:
Brett owns his company, NeuConcept Productions. In business since 1996, NeuConcept blends design that looks good but also works technically. Sonia likes to call Brett a design engineer. His work has a great mix of beauty and function. Clients hire Brett to do Web sites, desktop publishing, print production, photoshop and illustrator magic, problem-solving, and computer consulting. Brett is also a Mac guru; he moves so fast and efficiently on his computer that it is quite a sight to behold. He helps clients (and Sonia) make their computers and applications more streamlined, so they save time and money. Sonia loves this feature about Brett because she has one of the best running computers in the world.

Sonia is a writer who is also social. What that means is that she loves to write, but she also likes to schmooze. Like Brett’s unusual combo of design and technical abilities, these traits are a bit uncommon together. Sonia works as a public relations director for a national trade association, overseeing things like press releases, magazine articles, a weekly e-newsletter, and the program for conference general sessions (videos, volunteer speeches, and visuals for presentations). She is also pursuing her Master’s Degree in Writing.

Other interesting things:
Brett and Sonia love deals. They like to compare things. They love God. They love to learn. They really like people. They think that now is a really cool time to live.