Music Update from Brett (for Audiofiles)

From Brett:
There is always something going on between the Botanical and/or Faust or other local parks and such. Jeff Beck was a great concert too! I’m anxiously awaiting my Jeff Beck Blueray that should show up any moment.

If you like high energy, Richard Elliot is fantastic on the sax, however he’ll be at the venue from hell (The Padgett – nice looking but bad acoustics). I really wish St. Louis and the stations would use some other venues. I’m sure it’s all who you know. Oh well… =)

For the first time we caught Jonathan Butler at the Bottle Neck Blues Bar a while back and I’d love to see this guy again! He’s back:
If the schedule permits, I’m there. I sure wish I knew what Bronze, Gold and VIP were, etc… Not very clear on metrotix.
(Note from Sonia: I loved seeing Jonathan Butler live! He’s awesome!!!)

The Kettle Moraine Jazz Festival in Milwaukee looks like it’ll be a good one if you don’t mind a flight or hopping in the car for a bit:
We’ve done this in the past with our buddy, Dan, who’s also awesome on the keys. It was pretty neat. The cooler weather helps a bit too! =)

Just an FYI. Enjoy the music and let us know if you know of any great concerts.