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  • A few music and entertainment updates from Brett

    A few things to consider, which we’ll be trying to check out: 10/5/10 ($5-7) – Local gospel folk with Marvin Sapp and Hezekiah Walker These are 2 artists I’d love to see, however realizing they will likely not be as prominent as the local churches featured and such… 9/24/10 ($25-40+) – Jonathan Butler at […]

  • Music Update from Brett (for Audiofiles)

    From Brett: There is always something going on between the Botanical and/or Faust or other local parks and such. Jeff Beck was a great concert too! I’m anxiously awaiting my Jeff Beck Blueray that should show up any moment. If you like high energy, Richard Elliot is fantastic on the sax, however he’ll be at […]

  • Photos of Brett and His New iPhone 4

    This is the first time that we didn’t spend hours at the Apple store waiting for Brett to get his new iPhone. Instead the iPhone 4 came in the mail a day early! It is slightly thinner and has a beautiful high quality display… so much so that 78% of the iPad’s pixels will fit […]

  • Great Video on Vendor/Client Relationship

    If you’ve ever ran your own business or applied for a job, you’ll relate to this funny video. We deal with it every day! My favorite line: “No… I want the haircut and the highlights, but I only want to pay for the haircut…”

  • Grateful for a second chance

    I realized that today is my 1 year anniversary – of my second chance. For what? To live. Last year on Nov. 20, 2008, I was admitted to the hospital with 6 blood clots – 4 in my leg and 1 in each lung. Now that I know how serious it was, I know God […]

  • 5 things to help with organizing and Getting Things Done (GTD)

    One of our passions in recent years has been to find a way to become more organized with all of our various projects so that we can relax when we actually stop working. Because let’s face, we’ve all got more things coming at us than we can handle! Brett read about a method (and book) […]

  • A Great Quote from One of My Favorite Authors

    “I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.” -Agatha Christie (Special thanks to Peggy for passing this excellent quote along to me!)

  • Take a look at the beautiful flower pictures on Peggy’s website!

    My cousin, Peggy, has posted some really gorgeous flower pictures on her website, I love them. They are a feast for the eyes when it is gray and dim outside! It reminds me that beauty can be found in the rainstorm… if you have the right perspective. I love spring!

  • I take back that spring comment – snow in March?!

    I guess I spoke too soon! We had snow last night, but luckily I covered my flowers and they survived. I saw one of the coolest visuals ever last night in the snow. Brett and I were driving home from my dad’s house after midnight. The snowflakes were clumped together. It was snowing steadily. Suddenly, […]

  • Spring is here!

    I am so glad to feel the sunshine on my face and the warm breeze through my hair. There’s an optimism to spring that overpowers me with a smile and peaceful thoughts. I love to walk around outside and see the small green shoots of flowers appearing out of the ground. Some days they seem […]