A few music and entertainment updates from Brett

A few things to consider, which we’ll be trying to check out:
10/5/10 ($5-7) – Local gospel folk with Marvin Sapp and Hezekiah Walker

These are 2 artists I’d love to see, however realizing they will likely not be as prominent as the local churches featured and such…

9/24/10 ($25-40+) – Jonathan Butler at 560 Music Center at Wash. U.
(I’ve seen this guy perform at the Bottle Neck Blues Bar with Rick Braun and Richard Elliot and he was fantastic! He’s a guitar master and great gospel singer. No snoozing at one of these…)

I know little of C.S. Lewis and the Screwtape Letters, however I’ve heard good things, so we’ll likely be checking this out.
9/25/10 ($38, $48, $59) – http://www.touhill.org/default.asp?touhill=51&objId=593

Don’t forget about Wash U. I gotta check this out more often:

And as always Dean’s blog and calendar are a great resource:

I hope this helps! Jam on, and let me know if you’re showing up for anything…

Oh, and the Kettle Moraine Jazz Festival in WI was SWEET last weekend!
Great lineup and we saw them all. My hearing has almost fully returned. =)



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