I take back that spring comment – snow in March?!

I guess I spoke too soon! We had snow last night, but luckily I covered my flowers and they survived.

I saw one of the coolest visuals ever last night in the snow. Brett and I were driving home from my dad’s house after midnight. The snowflakes were clumped together. It was snowing steadily.

Suddenly, it looked like a familar scene from a science fiction movie. We were going warp speed. The snowflakes looked like stars coming at us at a downward curve. We flew into the vortex.

I was mesmerized. I half expected to hear the voices of our favorite characters from Red Dwarf. It looked we traveling into the snowflakes; it was so cool.

It was only later that it dawned on me that I should have taken a video of it. Sometimes I am so captivated by a moment that I only photograph it with my eyes.

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Very cool!