Update on the family

I have the wonderful opportunity to talk or email with many of our friends, but sometimes time goes faster than expected, OR I just forget to update friends with how things are going.

I get a lot of questions about how my family has been doing because we’ve all had a pretty rough time of it since Mom died in 2008. But God is great!

My dad is doing very well. He’s enjoying retirement in all ways: bike riding with my uncle, bowling with the boys once a week, fishing, and walking a lot. He’s seeing a wonderful woman, Fern, and he’s been finally watching his sugar intake, so he’s lost weight and got his diabetes more under control.

My sister is back at work after having shoulder surgery. She took a tumble last December while teaching ice skating, and it’s taken some time for her to recover from her concussion and a torn muscle in her shoulder.

My brother has graduated college with degrees in graphic design and drawing. He’s looking for that special full-time job, so if you know of any feel free to send the leads his way!

After the bloodclot episode, my leg has healed and is like new! Brett is also recovering well from his recent stint in the hospital. We love our new house and new workspace. We will be having an open house very soon, but we haven’t gotten it together yet.

Thanks to everyone for your friendship and support!!!



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