Fun photo booth pics of me & Brett, courtesy of my cousin Amy’s wedding

Brett and I went to the wedding of my cousin Amy Querry (now Berra) last weekend. It was a great time (lots of dancing and time with my sister). In addition to grooving to “The YMCA” song and LL Cool J, we also got to play with a fun new idea. Amy hired a photo booth to come to the wedding.

All the guests got to have photos made and then we were given 2 copies: 1 for that we added to a personal album for Amy & Gene and got to write comments, and the other copy we got to take home. It was a clever idea. I suggested to Brett that he make one for to keep in our basement; it’ll be a great party addition!

I have some fun pics of me, my sister, and my dad, but I have to ask their permission first before I post!

Also, please note that Brett didn’t scan these photos; I did it quickly using a document scanner. He would never approve of the quality… but he was busy when I wanted to write this post!

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You guys look so cute and funny!