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Office with a View

Here’s my beautiful view this afternoon from my office.

Check Out Our New Photos!

Hey everyone, New photos here on! Check them out at!!! You’ll probably have to wait a few seconds for the gallery to load because there’s hours of photo viewing fun. For the past few months, I’ve been working hard to get my photo library online on Flickr. Not only will this provide a […]

Fun photo booth pics of me & Brett, courtesy of my cousin Amy’s wedding

Brett and I went to the wedding of my cousin Amy Querry (now Berra) last weekend. It was a great time (lots of dancing and time with my sister). In addition to grooving to “The YMCA” song and LL Cool J, we also got to play with a fun new idea. Amy hired a photo […]

Time to grow up (or get a smaller chair)!

I thought it would be fun to share this fun photo taken of me in a giant chair at St. Louis Family Church. Fun, ehh? Brett would love to have it. It would look good next to the R2D2 giant plastic mold and the 3 Stooges statues.

Our Olympic Moment with Rulon Gardner, Gold Medalist

We’ve spent hours glued to the tube, watching the Olympics lately. We’ve Tivoed nearly everything, so we’ve been able to catch some of the lesser known sports like: BMX racing, shotput, badminton, table tennis, shooting, trampoline, and weight-lifting. The other night we were watching wrestling when we heard a familiar voice… it was Rulon Gardner. […]

Finally: A Photograph of the Pot at the End of the Rainbow

I got this photo in an email today. It made me laugh. I really love rainbows, and you know how hard it is to find the end. Nice play on words too!

Photos from Dad’s Fishing Trip

My dad, Ed, has returned from his big fishing trip to Minnesota; he had a great time with his friend Rich. During the two-plus weeks they were there, they caught all the fish they were allowed to keep. Dad’s biggest record: a 6.5 lb. walleye! Dad and Rich camped out, but they had TV, so […]

Waiting for spring!

I am waiting expectantly for spring here in St. Louis. Here’s a beautiful Easter-colored photo from Flickr. Tags: photos

Celebration of Gloria’s Life: Slideshow Video

Hope for Spring

The fresh beauty of spring flowers always brings me a renewed joy for life and its many awe-inspiring wonders.