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  • Congrats to Doug on His Senior Graphic Design Art Show

    10328 My brother, Doug, recently had his senior Graphic Design art show at UMSL.  I missed it, unfortunately, due to a nasty virus, but my mom took lots of pictures anyway. Check out some of his portfolio photos. This is a big “Way to Go” for my brother, Doug, as he will be finishing his […]

  • Brett Gets a New Car: The NeuConcept-Mobile

    When we polled you on this site about what we should buy first after the wedding, most of you said that Brett should get a new car. Well, he finally did. It’s a sleek, sporty black Infinity G35. And most of you will be surprised to know that it is only slightly used (although he […]

  • Congrats to Natalie on winning two prestigious art awards!

    Brett’s sister, Natalie, is going to be graduating high school in a few months. She’s taken up art with a passion, and she’s doing some tremendous work! Recently, she won the James Cummins Memorial Prize for Young Artists from the St. Louis Art Guild. We took some photos of her with her winning painting, “Refuge.” […]

  • Rainbows rock on!

    8910 8895 I love rainbows. They are so amazing to me every time I see them. What a cool phenomenon…you can explain to me the science of a rainbow to me hundreds of times, but it will still never take away the magic. My eyes are glued to the beautiful translucent colors until the last […]

  • Trip to Vegas – Photos!

    9977 9919 10019 I went to Las Vegas for a conference in January, so Brett flew up for the weekend. We stayed at Caesar’s Place, walked the entire strip, and took a day trip to the Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon. My friend, Lesley, joined us for our driving adventure to experience the sights […]

  • Freezing Rain Pics

    9653 We had some interesting weather this January–freezing rain that coated our trees and caused many, many limbs to collapse under the weight. For nearly two days, we heard the sounds of cracking and breaking trees surrounding our house. Here’s some photos of what our neighborhood looked like with the ice on the trees.

  • Alaskan Honeymoon Pics Now Posted

    9464 9142 9192 Better late than never…we have now posted our photos of our honeymoon to Alaska. We took a 7-day Celebrity Cruise, starting in Vancouver and going up the Inside Passage. We stopped at small Alaskan towns like Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan. We also got to see the Mendenhall Glacier and the Hubbard Glacier […]

  • Snow Day!

    9643 Only in St. Louis…winter was ushered in with a bang during the last day of November. Our weather went from mid-60’s to freezing in a matter of hours; snow and sleet hammered the entire state of Missouri. For me, I had a day and a half off work (thank you, NAED!). I am grateful […]

  • Photos of Chihuly Glass Exhibit at Missouri Botanical Garden

    879087508766 Brett and I recently took off work on a beautiful afternoon this fall to enjoy the weather, flowers, and the much-talked about Chihuly glass exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden. (Sometimes we try to be tourists in our own city.) It was a really cool exhibit. The pics featured here only represent the part […]

  • The New Baby Boomer Era

    8725 In case you haven’t noticed, babies are appearing everywhere. Nearly all of our married friends have produced an heir in the last few months. So in honor of the poopy diapers, I thought I’d post a few pics of a recent gathering with three little cuties. (I managed to overcome my child-avoiding tendencies for […]