Snow Day!


Only in St. Louis…winter was ushered in with a bang during the last day of November. Our weather went from mid-60’s to freezing in a matter of hours; snow and sleet hammered the entire state of Missouri.

For me, I had a day and a half off work (thank you, NAED!). I am grateful I didn’t have to drive in it any more than necessary, and I felt like our leaders closing the office showed that they really cared about us and our safety.

It was a really nice break…I was able to read a bunch of business magazines that had piled up and spend some time organizing the house and my files.

Because the sleet rained down for hours, everything had a layer of ice. Brett and I went out and took some pictures, which I’d like to share. The ice made every plant and tree a thing of crystalized beauty.

Take a look at the pictures.

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