Excellent movie: The Nativity Story

Nativity picLoved this movie! A three-tear rating!

We went to see it this week at the theater, and the creators did an excellent job of telling an old story in a new way.

We’ve all heard the Christmas story a hundred times, but this was fresh and interesting. It helped to better understand the cultural issues at the time; I would have hated Rome too! What jerks!

But most of all, I loved the way the movie handled Joseph. It really brought depth to his role, and I just loved him.

Brett liked it too. We both found ourselves calling our mothers in the car ride afterwards, telling them both to go see it.

I encourage you too. It certainly put me in the Christmas spirit and reminded me just how blessed we are here and now.

Check out the trailer if you need further convincing: The Nativity Story Web site.

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