The New Baby Boomer Era


In case you haven’t noticed, babies are appearing everywhere. Nearly all of our married friends have produced an heir in the last few months.

So in honor of the poopy diapers, I thought I’d post a few pics of a recent gathering with three little cuties. (I managed to overcome my child-avoiding tendencies for this event–I guess I am finally starting to overcome the scars and terrors of my pre-teen babysitting days.) But not enough to join the baby crowd just yet; Brett tells me not to drink the water at church, just in case you can catch it.

The babies belong to Jen & Jeff Clark, Eric & Regina Diechman, and Gary & Kelly Miller.

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Little Winston Churchhills?

“All babies look like me.
But then, I look like all babies.”

The irrepressible Churchill apparently said this in response to a friend who remarked, “Winston! How wonderfully your new grandson resembles you!”