Congrats to Natalie on winning two prestigious art awards!

Brett’s sister, Natalie, is going to be graduating high school in a few months. She’s taken up art with a passion, and she’s doing some tremendous work!

NatalieRecently, she won the James Cummins Memorial Prize for Young Artists from the St. Louis Art Guild. We took some photos of her with her winning painting, “Refuge.”

She also won the Best of Show prize (and scholarship) from Lindenwood University in another art show a few months ago. Congrats, Natalie!

Check out the pics.

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Reader Comments

What does the writing on the painting say?

Under His wings
you will find refuge;
His faithfulness
you shield.
You will not fear
the Terror of night
nor the pestilence
that stalks in the

its an exerpt from Psalm 91