Our Olympic Moment with Rulon Gardner, Gold Medalist

Sonia and Brett meet Olympic Gold Metalist Rulon GardnerWe’ve spent hours glued to the tube, watching the Olympics lately. We’ve Tivoed nearly everything, so we’ve been able to catch some of the lesser known sports like: BMX racing, shotput, badminton, table tennis, shooting, trampoline, and weight-lifting.

The other night we were watching wrestling when we heard a familiar voice… it was Rulon Gardner. Rulon won a gold medal in wrestling and became quite a media sensation. Brett and I met him at one of my conferences where he served as our keynote speaker. Since I used to serve as the onsite contact for the keynote speakers, I got to know them as well as you can in a few hours.Rulon headlocks Brett and Sonia

In honor of the Olympics, Brett and I thought we’d share our Olympic moment, which included a headlock by a very strong and fun guy! And yes, I did get to hold the gold medal. Quite nice.



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    The final photo is fabulous!