Photos from Dad’s Fishing Trip

My dad, Ed, has returned from his big fishing trip to Minnesota; he had a great time with his friend Rich. During the two-plus weeks they were there, they caught all the fish they were allowed to keep.

Dad’s biggest record: a 6.5 lb. walleye!

Dad and Rich camped out, but they had TV, so I’m not sure how that works. Every day started at 4 AM, and for some reason, they were the only ones on the lake!

Dad says that one day he and Rich caught 100 bass between them, but unfortunately bass fishing season hadn’t started yet. (That’s what they all say…)

I wanted to share some of Dad’s photos, so take a look. Looks like we’ll be having a fish fry sometime soon!



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  1. Peg Avatar

    TV and camping…
    sites have electric,
    most wee-TVs can be ran on batteries.