Congrats to Doug on Graduating College (Plus a Party on June 14)

My brother Doug has graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a double major in graphic design and drawing. Way to go!

He is currently searching for a job, so if you know of any leads, send me an email or leave a comment.

We are having a graduation party for him on June 14, 2:00 – 6:00 p.m. at my dad’s house. Please stop in!

I wanted to share his awards and accomplishments:

  • Post Script, 2008
    Group Exhibit at Art Saint Louis
  • Exit, Senior BFA Exhibition in Drawing, 2008
    University of Missouri-Saint Louis
  • Art Wars, 2007
    Three-day Live Art Event at Taste of Saint Louis
  • Attack, Senior BFA Exhibition in Graphic Design, 2007
    University of Missouri-Saint Louis at Fort Gondo and Beverly Galleries
  • Art for Aids Exhibition, 2006
    Juried Fundraiser
  • Centene Center for the Arts, 2006
    Group Exhibit in Grand Square
  • T-shirt Design, 7 Shot Screamers, 2006
    Sold in Hot Topic Retail Stores nationwide
  • Loft Exhibition, 2006
    Group Exhibit in Washington Loft District
  • Art for Aids Exhibition, 2005
  • Honorable Mention for Drawing, Student Art Show, 2005
    University of Missouri-Saint Louis
  • Cash and Carry Exhibition, 2004
    Juried Exhibit at Gallery Visio
  • Honorable Mention for Sculpture, Student Art Show, 2003
    Saint Louis Community College-Meramec
  • Honorable Mention for Graphic Design, Student Art Show, 2002
    Saint Louis Community College-Meramec



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  1. Amy Querry Avatar
    Amy Querry


    How are you? I hope that Doug’s graduation party went well! I am sorry that we missed it-we actually had planned a bridal shower at my house for my cousin the same day!