Hard to Believe, But Sonia Is Volunteering to Spend Next Week with 2000 Kids

If I’m offline a lot next week, now you know why. Don’t go into shock… but yes, I have willingly donated 4 days of next week to an all-day kids camp with 2000 kiddies. Our church, St. Louis Family Church, hosts a huge event for kids called JUMP that includes a waterpark, inflatables, games, and, of course, God!

Did I grow up hating babysitting? Yes.
Am I bit overwhelmed by kids? Yes.
Will I have fun? Yes.

I will be herding five 10-yr-olds around all day, and we’ll be learning about Romans 12. See my Planet Sonia posts for my exploration of that verse.

Meanwhile, I’m busting it to get my work done this week!



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