Upcoming Concerts that Brett Recommends

Brett says: Here’s an update on good tunes around St. Louis…
Consider this an FYI. You may see me at any of these events.

In Summary (worth checking out):

Yellowjackets – 5/21-5/24
(Got our tix for May 24 at 8:30 p.m.)

Groove Thang – 5/17/08 – our local favs, also from our wedding reception

Other items to consider that are coming up:
Smooth Jazz Returning to Pageant
(Richard Eliot and Jeff Lorber are a couple to definitely see. Too bad they’re 2 different evenings)
Boney James to Perform Thursday July 10
Live on Levee Series Announces 2008
St. Louis Jazz and Heritage Festival
(No favorites showing up here, but Joe Sample is quite a keyboard man and could be worth while!)

Let me know if I should expect to see you or if you are just showing up for curiosity sake.

P.S. Sonia will add her concert picks sometime soon.


One response to “Upcoming Concerts that Brett Recommends”

  1. I’m game to go to the concerts at Fair STL and a few during the Live on the Levee series.
    I bet Hannah would be interested too,
    Katie may be in town over the 4th!