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  • Auntie Sonia!

    My brother, Doug, and his wife, Lauren had their baby boy yesterday. They were still trying to decide his name, but he’s adorable. He has two dimples just like my brother and my mom. The photos say more than words. My mom would have been so thrilled!

  • Now that’s what I call a BLT

    It was messy, but oh so good!

  • Brett Meets His Tech Hero: Matt Mullenweg

    How awesome is it when my shy and quiet husband has one of the world’s most amazing tech leaders sit down next to him at lunch? This happened on Saturday while Brett, Natalie and I were attending WordCamp St. Louis. This is where web developers and managers get together to learn about the WordPress (a…

  • Summer Music Update from Brett

    Lots of good music coming our way this summer… Here’s the breakdown from Brett on his blog: http://www.brettcoleman.com/2011/06/13/st-louis-music-update/ Hope to see you at some concerts!

  • A few music and entertainment updates from Brett

    A few things to consider, which we’ll be trying to check out: 10/5/10 ($5-7) – Local gospel folk with Marvin Sapp and Hezekiah Walker http://www2.howsweetthesound.com/contest/events/2010/stlouis These are 2 artists I’d love to see, however realizing they will likely not be as prominent as the local churches featured and such… 9/24/10 ($25-40+) – Jonathan Butler at…

  • Music Update from Brett (for Audiofiles)

    From Brett: There is always something going on between the Botanical and/or Faust or other local parks and such. Jeff Beck was a great concert too! I’m anxiously awaiting my Jeff Beck Blueray that should show up any moment. If you like high energy, Richard Elliot is fantastic on the sax, however he’ll be at…

  • Judging My Book by Its Cover

    As you’ve read here on BrettandSonia.com, I recently finished writing a 120 page book. In December, I started brainstorming ideas for my 90+ page culminating project for my Masters in Fine Art in Writing (MFA). Originally, I waffled between fiction and non-fiction. I spent hours thinking of ideas, writing outlines, and then ultimately ditching everything.…

  • Photos of Brett and His New iPhone 4

    This is the first time that we didn’t spend hours at the Apple store waiting for Brett to get his new iPhone. Instead the iPhone 4 came in the mail a day early! It is slightly thinner and has a beautiful high quality display… so much so that 78% of the iPad’s pixels will fit…

  • Great Video on Vendor/Client Relationship

    If you’ve ever ran your own business or applied for a job, you’ll relate to this funny video. We deal with it every day! My favorite line: “No… I want the haircut and the highlights, but I only want to pay for the haircut…”

  • It’s Been a While

    The months have flown by… Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve updated BrettandSonia.com! I’ve been busy working on my final project to finish my Master’s in writing at Lindenwood. (Over 60 pages and still in progress!) I’m writing now on our new iPad so hopefully this will help me keep all of my websites…

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