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Mom Dana TimmyFirst of all, thanks to everyone who has been asking about my mom, Gloria. And, more importantly, thanks for your continuing prayers.

She’s been undergoing chemo and radiation treatments for over a month now. The good news is that she is feeling great. No nausea. She’s finding her eating options are bit slimmer right now, and she’s more tired than usual.

However, here’s the exciting news: the week she returned to her church, Twin Rivers Worship Center, they had a guest speaker named Tommy Tenney. He’s an author (God Chasers, A Night with the King). He pulled my mom from the crowd and prayed for her healing. She said she received healing that night, and she has believed that she is healed ever since. Now she’s waiting for the results to confirm what she already believes so she can show the doctors.

More heart-warming news: my parents have been abundantly blessed by people. They’ve received meals, hundreds of dollars in gift cards, unexpected checks in the mail, and people at her work even anonymously paid for her insurance for three months. A friend even wrote a song for my mom. It’s been overwhelming and humbling. My dad put it best when he said, “I’ve always heard of this happening to people, like getting a check in the mail, but I had never had it happen to me until now.”

So I thank you all for your kindnesses, and I request more prayers. God is seeing us through this, and He is turning this around for good.

Check out the post on the beautiful song our friend Dan wrote for my mom.

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