Listen to a Beautiful Song Written for Mom

Our friend, Dan Hendrickson, was inspired by the smiling photo of my mom when she got out of the hospital (click here to view the photo). He wrote a beautiful song, entitled, “Song for Mom.”

My mom loved it and wanted to share it with you all.

Check it out…

Thanks again for the wonderful creation, Dan.

Dan…By the way, all you single ladies: Dan is an attractive, single man complete with the difficult-to-attain Sonia Seal of Approval 🙂

Here’s his photo.







One response to “Listen to a Beautiful Song Written for Mom”

  1. Peg Avatar

    Single Ladies,
    I too give my Seal of Approval for Dan. He’s a great guy and has GREAT blue eyes!
    He too was in the Coleman wedding…so if you more curious, check out those photos as well.