Cool Stuff Recommendation: Harmony Universal Remote

HarmonyThis is wife tech gadget recommendation: guys out there if you want to get a cool gadget that your wife will love, consider the Harmony remote.

It makes complicated TV/Audio set-ups simple to work. Brett set it all up online with all of his devices and all I have to do is press, “Watch TV” or “Watch DVD” and it does the rest. Everything turns on and works. If something doesn’t work for some reason, it has a help button that fixes whatever the problem is.

Why do I love this? Because I can work the television when I am home alone. I can even watch chick flicks with my friends in surround sound! (And Brett would say, “Why? There’s no cool sound effects in chick flicks!” Maybe I like to hear kissing in surround!)

To give you a point of reference, you must remember that, before Brett, I had a 19-inch TV and a VCR (no DVD). And I only turned it on when I had company…but now with Tivo, I must admit that I do watch TV more often.

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