It’s been a while… but I’m back

Everyone…. sorry it has been a few months since I’ve written.

Life has been fast and furious. I finished my master’s class in Advanced Prose Writing in September, and I’m just now catching my breath.

Mom Update

Mom has been experiencing chemo. For all of you who know what that’s like, she’s been having her good days and her not-so-good days. Thankfully, the nausea has been limited, although her balance is still wobbly due to the swelling in her brain. She’s still praising the Lord and trusting Him everyday.


Believe it or not, I hosted my very first Thanksgiving Dinner this year, with help from Mom and Dad. It was fun and very tasty. PIE! I am very grateful for Brett, my family, and, most of all, my friend, Jesus.

What’s new?

Brett and I bought a new bed, some cool new Barcelona imitation chairs, and new pillows for the couch! I’ve been to Fargo and Bermuda (I’ll post some pics for you to see how pretty it was). Next on the travel schedule: Phoenix, AZ. Brett and I will be teaming up with my work friends, Lesley and Alexis for a weekend trip after our conference to the Grand Canyon.


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The Canyon is amazing!
It was 90 degrees the morning we left Phoenix back in ’97, and it was snowing and WINDY when we got to the Southern Rim…needless to say, my summer dress and sandals weren’t quite what I needed. May I suggest ya’ll take a jacket and wear close-toed shoes…