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wedding book coverBrett and I recently put together some photo books for our moms featuring our wedding pics. I played with them for an entire weekend, and it was so cool! I got my first digital camera in 2003, and I vowed to never have to sort through hundreds of prints again endlessly sticking them in albums. I’ve been waiting for affordable technology to catch up with my aspirations of printing photo albums book

The time is here. The Internet offers many photo book publishers. Brett and I used to create our books. They have an iPhoto plug-in that allows us to use all the great layout and cropping abilities in that program. Then, we just uploaded the file to the site. The cost is reasonable at $29.99 for a 20 pg. book.

We’ll let you know what we think about them when they come in the mail any day now.


We received the books. They look good, but they seem a little more blurry than I expected. Brett and I are going to compare them with the iPhoto book service (which is more pricey). Our moms loved them! Also, I tried the smaller photo book (paperback), and it turned out great for $10.

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