The Rollercoaster Phenomenon

When Brett and I went to Cedar Point recently, we discovered a little-known rollercoaster phenomenon. We’re curious if we’re the only ones to experience it. Read on for details…

During the first roller-coaster, I felt something strange. Instead of screaming in excitement…I felt a little sick. A twinge of nausea permeated my senses, but I brushed it away.

But after the ride was over, it was still there. That feeling, like I needed to sit down and have a glass of cold water poured over my head. I shook it off as a fluke experience…until the next ride.

It happened again. This time I asked Brett how he was feeling. The look on his face said it all.

Needless to say, something happened to our bodies since we turned 30! Suddenly, what used to make us scream with joy is now making us clutch our stomachs! Who knew?

Next time, I will bring motion sickness medicine. Brett and I both agreed that someone should have told us so we could have went on a rollercoaster binge before our bodies changed in this mysterious way!

To read what coaster we did love (and didn’t get sick on) read the “Brett and Sonia Take on Ohio — And Big Rollercoasters!” post.

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