Brett and I Take on Ohio — and Big Rollercoasters!


Brett and I ventured to Ohio for the weekend in September. I had a business trip to Toledo and Sandusky to visit members. After mentioning it to several people, I discovered that there was a big rollercoaster park in Sandusky that was famous for its crazy coasters.

Then, I found out that my mission trip buddy Maria Billings was moving to Cleveland just a few weeks before my trip.A plan evolved…Brett flew in for the weekend, and we got to visit Maria, her husband John, and their daughter, Anna-Maria. Together, we all went to Cedar Point Amusement Park.

Situated on a peninsula on Lake Erie, Cedar Point is packed with rollercoasters that outdo any Brett and I had ever seen. We eagerly awaited our chance to ride as many as we could cram in one day.

To learn more about Brett and I’s surprise experience with the rollercoasters, read the “Rollercoaster Phenomenon” post.

However, I have to mention the Top Thrill Dragster ride: 0 to 120 miles an hour in 4 seconds, up a 90 degree incline 420 feet and back down again. It was amazing, and the biggest thrill I have ever experienced from a ride. I could ride that over and over and over and over (if the line wasn’t two hours long!).The weekend was a blast; it was especially fun to spend time with friends who I miss very much! And Brett celebrated his birthday at Cedar Point: thank God I didn’t lose my lunch on him.

Check out the pics.

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