Brett Makes His First “Ace” (Hole-in-One)

During the first throw on a recent disc golf trip, Brett’s aim was right on. A beautiful ching was heard by all, including a couple of guys chilling out on a park bench. I said, “Wow,” and the guys said a phrase something like this, “Holy $%&*!”

So being the cheeseball that I am, I made Brett capture the moment with all the excitement. He played it up with me.


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Whoooo-hoooo! Way to go!

Sorry I was not able to witness this great achievement. Where and when did this event take place?

The event took place at Quail Ridge in Wentzville during a really, really hot day this summer (I almost passed out). Unfortunately, it was a practice hole, which disappointed Brett terribly. We tried the rest of the day to make it happen again, but to no avail.