Sonia Launches New Business Offering Communications & Writing (and leaves her job of 9 years!)

It’s been a year of change.

After much prayer and consultation, I decided to leave my job as director of public relations and start my own communications business. The new biz is named Coleman Unlimited, and it will offer communications, writing, marketing, Web and public relations services.

CU logo bigI’ve already got some clients on the docket, so I am thankful for those opportunities. But if you know anyone who needs help with writing, video, presentations, training, marketing promos or Web content, give me a shout.

I’m also going to be partnering with Brett’s company, which provides graphic design and Web site development. As you all know, Brett is good with pictures and I’m good with words, so we can provide a start-to-finish service.

Check out my new company Web site, I have a new business tips blog that I am updating every week. Add it to your RSS feeds.

Kudos to Brett for designing my Website, my logo and my business cards! It helps to have a talented (and awesome) husband!


2 responses to “Sonia Launches New Business Offering Communications & Writing (and leaves her job of 9 years!)”

  1. Bill Dunning Avatar
    Bill Dunning

    How exciting to start your own business. Was floating through the internet and found you. Sounds like life is treating you well since the “Culver Days”. I’m a pastor in Kentucky with 2 kids. God’s Blessings to you and your husband and your new adventure.

  2. Meghan Avatar

    LOVE the new website! Really nicely done – gorgeous design. Bravo Brett! 🙂