We’ve moved and Brett had a visit to the hospital

Brett says goodbye to the hospital!Many of you might have noticed that Brett and I have fallen off the map for the past month or so…

A couple of reasons:

–We bought a new house and moved five days later

–Brett ended up in the hospital

–Our businesses had provided a lot of work to do (thankfully!)

–I was in the middle of my last Master’s class

Brett is home from the hospital after surgery on a growth on his pituitary gland. He’s doing great. We’ve got our offices mostly set up in our new space, and my class is over! Whew!!!

Now we’re slowing digging out, and things are returning to normal.

If you want to get our new address, drop me an email or contact us through this website. Thanks for your friendship!



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One response to “We’ve moved and Brett had a visit to the hospital”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Isn’t a great feeling to be leaving the hospital!