Space Heaters Are the Bomb!

For the past year since I’ve been working at home, I often get a bit chilled. My desk is right next to one of our 40-year-old windows, so I guess it’s a draft.

But a few weeks ago when it was bitter cold outside and snowing, I declared to Brett that, “I had to have a heater in my office!” in a typical-Sonia-like dramatic fashion.

He replied in a typical calm Brett-manner-of-fact-fashion, “I think there’s one downstairs in the basement if you would like me to go find it.”

Less than a half an hour later I’ve got a cute as a button little heater that doesn’t even get hot to the touch on the outside. (I need safety features!)

Can I begin to describe how much I love this little device? AHHH… it’s the simple things sometimes that really improve life!



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