Update: I’m Home from the Hospital!

Good news, everyone! I was released from the hospital yesterday, Nov. 24. The swelling in my leg had went down, and I was out of critical danger. I was and still am, however, very tired and weak. But I still feel pretty good other than that. I loved sleeping in my own bed with Brett last night!!!

My doctor says that I should take about five weeks to get back to normal activity (she says a good rule is one week of reduced activity for each day you are in the hospital). Right now I am able to walk, but I still have pain after a few minutes. I was especially shocked to find that I get winded easily as well–just by walking around the house!

I am getting two blood thinners for the time being. I am giving myself shots in the stomach (I expect pats on the back for that), and I am also taking a pill blood thinner also.

The test results are still not back, so I still don’t know exactly what caused the clots. I will be going to a hematologist soon, so I’ll be waiting to know more until then.

The bottom line is that I have a lot to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. My doctor reinforced again today that I am lucky to be alive. I feel the hand of God’s protection strongly, and I am grateful to be able to writing to you all.

Thanks to Dr. Tracy Fritz, my primary physician, who discovered the clots and acted quickly to get me treated. I also want to thank Brett, my dad, and all of our friends and family who have supported us so much in the past week.

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Great news that you are feeling better. Have they discovered what caused all these clots in the first place? Is there anything besides blood thinners that will be preventative? Will you have to be on blood thinners forever? Oy, what an ordeal. Thank goodness you are getting better. We will keep you in our prayers.