Popping Pomegranates

Last year, Brett and I discovered a faster way to get the ruby red jewels out of a pomegranate, thanks to Alton Brown’s Good Eats TV show. Brett has grown up with the alien-looking fruits, which are hard for me to hold in one hand. But trying to open them and get out the juice-surrounded seeds was a mess… we tried it once when we were dating.

The little seeds burst, leaving my hands looking like a murderous red-stained character from MacBeth (in case you’re wondering which character: it’s Lady MacBeth, you geeky English nerds). But Alton showed us that the fruit could be scored on the outside and popped open under water in a big bowl.

The little red seeds sink, while the white rind-like stuff floats to the top. No more red stains! No more mess. Plus it is a much faster method of getting to the anti-antioxidant goodness within the pomegranate. So last year, we ate about 24 of the giant fruits in a two month period. Healthy and good for you!

This year, we’ve already started out strong downing 4 in a week. So we bought 6 more yesterday. I thought I’d spend a half an hour opening them up after lunch today. After what seemed like an eternity (2 hours), my feet were aching and my hands were cold. I had divested the seeds from 4 pomegranates… and I gave up on the last two. So our new under-water method is faster, but still not quite as fast as I’d like.

But whatever it takes to get Brett to eat something healthy!

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Reader Comments

I did #4 in less than an hour…

perhaps you are being too careful???

The little darlings are hardy.

My first one lasted for a good month in the frig after I freed the seeds.