25 Cool Close-up Photos

Bubble Magic. “Close-up of a wet leaf … taken with a Canon Powershot A610 :)” The photo is taken by Sophie. Can you guess what this photo is? It’s an extreme close-up of an every day object.

Brett passed along this link to share from SmashingMagazine.com. I checked it out this morning, and it is fun to see the amazing details that a macro photo can reveal.

A feast for the eyes! Check it out. This photo came from Wired Magazine’s Top 10 Macro photos.



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  1. Peg Avatar

    Water is soooo cool!

    That’s what they do inside plants/trees too, which is why you can change the color of a carnation flower…
    if you cut the end several different times, and put the different ends in different colors, you will get several colors in the flower.

    This is also why florist suggest you cut a rose beneath water,
    and several inches up the stalk…the water chain continues going up towards the bloom…and the bottom dries out.

    This is why a cut flower will stay nice for awhile out of water.

    See…this is why I went to college…learned in a summer botany class.


    I think this concept may be why snowflakes are also so unique.