Remembrances of Mom from My Sister, Brother, and Nephews (from the funeral)

I spoke for my family at my mom’s funeral on Jan. 25. I thought I’d share the comments from my brother and sister.

My sister, Dana Mitchell, who is the first-born in the family. She still gets the front seat in the car, and today she gets first billing.

This is what she has to say:
“My mom always treated us like we could accomplish anything. She said, ‘Make up your mind and just do it. You don’t have money to waste.’ She taught me good work ethic, and how to make the most out of what you have.

“She was so excited when I decided to become a teacher. She often told me it was something she always wanted to do. When I decided to go back to school to get my master’s degree, she was once again supportive. She spent many summer evenings babysitting so I could take classes. She often celebrated through her children’s accomplishments.

“I enjoyed spending time with her as an adult. One of my favorite memories was going out to lunch in the summer. She would play with and entertain the boys. My mom loved being a grandma. She loved, spoiled, and doted over Timmy and Steven.”

I totally agree with my sister; in fact, my mom and dad loved to go over to Dana & Kenny’s, give the kids candy and toys, play with them and get them all wound up, and then go home. They thought grandkids were all of the fun and none of the hassle. My mom loved to talk about how clever and smart those boys were.

And now a few words from my mom’s two grandchildren.

From Steven: “Grandma was a nice, thoughtful and caring person.”

From Timmy: “My grandma was a very loving, caring, kind and generous grandma. I will miss her a lot.”

I’ve also got a few words from my brother, Doug:

“Family was very important to Mom. She was very caring, and she always had a positive outlook. She always appreciated my art. My parents decorated their house in my art and that was nice. She was super proud of anything we did. I will miss her.”

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