Gloria Crites, 1949-2008

Mom 1Dear family and friends,

I can’t think of any graceful way to say this, so I’ll just speak the truth.

My mom, Gloria Crites, passed away Sunday night. She was 58. She and my dad were just one year shy of their 40th anniversary. They had a great romance ever since they met at church when she was 9

Mom was still smiling until just a few days ago, and then she mostly slept. She had no pain except for some stomach cramps last Thursday. She knew who everyone was, and she really enjoyed holding hands, hugging and backrubs. We all had many special times with her ever since she started hospice care on Jan. 4.

img_6450.JPGI’d like to share my last memory of her when she was awake: Last Wednesday, we had gotten her up to eat lunch. We laughed and had fun at lunch. Then we rolled her wheelchair where she could look out the front storm door and see the sunshine. It was a pretty day. She was happy there, looking outside, with a blanket around her. As I left, I shut the door, and I waved to her through the glass. She smiled really big at me and her hand peeked out from the covers and waved goodbye. Sheimg_1596.JPG continued that big smile as I walked down the hill and out to my car. Every time I looked back, she was smiling. That was my mom.

Funeral arrangements:
Thursday, Jan. 24, 4:00 – 9 p.m.
Friday, Jan. 25, 2:00 p.m.

Both will take place at:
Chapel Hill MortuaryMom 6
6300 Highway 30
Cedar Hill, Missouri 63016
Phone: (636) 274-4100

After-funeral celebration of Glo:
Friday, Jan. 25
Crites’ house
911 Pontoison Dr.
Ballwin, MO 63021mom 5

You are invited to attend.

In addition, we decided that we would like to share your thoughts about Mom in some way. If you would like to write a few paragraphs about your experiences with Gloria, please comment below or email them to me. We may read them in the service or have them available to read at the visitation. I would need these paragraphs tomorrow afternoon/evening (but even if you don’t make themom 8 deadline, we’d still like to hear your thoughts; they just won’t be available for public viewing). Also if Mom made you any jewelry, please wear it.

Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone. Mom always told me that God blessed people who were thankful. We’ve so much love and blessing poured on us by so many people that it is overwhelming. Your support has helped us tremendously.

I’d also like to give special thanks to:mom 10
–The Lord Jesus: He has always been with us. “Be still and know that I am God.”
–My mom’s work: Humes and Barrington. They have went above and beyond what a company needed to do, and we appreciate their continual kindness.
–My parent’s church: Twin Rivers Worship Center and my parent’s elder, Randy Morrison. The church itself and the people of the church have provided tons of support, cards, emails, phonemom 11 calls, and love.
–My church: St. Louis Family Church. They have sent Pastor Jim Armstrong to bless us in several visits, plus Mom, Dad, and I were encouraged by several healing school sessions. We also received a lot of love and support from our friends there.

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She was always my rock when I needed a friend at work. She loved to go to sears at lunch and look for bargains and I would tag along sometimes. She loved my chicken and dumplings and requested them more then once when I would cook for them. She was a great Christian Friend to have at work. Love in Christ

he makes us lie down in green pastures….he leads us beside still waters…

i pray that you, sonia, will find peace and strength in this time…

as he restores your soul….

and know that I am here for you and
i’m sending another hug your way..

I will miss Gloria. She always had conversation to share and no matter how busy she was she always took a moment to help or answer questions for me. Gloria’s love and pride of her children and husband was obvious. She spoke of all of you often. You were blessed to have such a loving wife and mother. May God bless and keep you now and always.
Kathryn Moore-Trinity Wealth Advisors

I will always remember her laugh. Her laugh had so much life and joy that it spread to all those around her. She always had a welcoming smile that made me feel glad to be around her. She will be deeply missed by all that knew her.

Just heard about Gloria, so sorry to hear. Gloria was so much fun. I have not seen her for a few years but she was a great neighbor who also raised some great kids. My sympathies to all of you.

I am so sorry to hear about Gloria. I remember coming over to Ed and Gloria’s house a lot after church when I was a child to play with you and Dana. I just remember her ALWAYS laughing and smiling. She was never at a loss for words. It was always so apparent how much she loved her family and how proud she was everyone. She will be greatly missed and you all are in my prayers.


I only met Gloria a few times but every time she had a smile on her face! Even though I did not know her well, I feel like I did because of Sonia. Sonia you have always been such a loving, caring, generous person who has been a great friend to me. For you to be who you are, your mother must have been just as great! I am blessed to have you as a friend and to have met your mother!!! God Bless, Jenn T