Great memory helper tool online: Remember the Milk

rmilkBrett and I have been working on getting organized, well, ever since we got married.

However, we read the book, “Getting Things Done,” and we liked the concepts. So we’ve been working on implementing the system for a while now, and part of it is regularly dumping everything out of your brain into a trusted organization system.

We’ve tried a number of digital task management systems (I’ll write another post on that), but the one that I like the most is Remember the


Because it is fast and simple. I can input tasks in milli-seconds and check them off just as fast. Plus because it is simple, you can customize it to fit your way of thinking using the tags and smart lists.

Basically, if your brain feels overloaded, and you always feel like you have too much to do, but you’re never quite sure exactly what needs to be done, you need Remember the Milk. Make sure you look up the keyboard shortcuts!

And, oh, yeah, I forgot to mention: It’s free!!!

Check it out…

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