“Planet Earth” Mini-Series on Discovery Showcases God’s Amazing Creations

Brett and I have been watching a new Discovery Channel mini-series called, “Planet Earth” lately. (We tivo-ed the entire thing.) It took over 5 years to capture all of the footage, and it is breath-taking stuff.Polar bear

But the more I watch it, the more I think about God. Our father. He’s taken so much care and detail in everything he creates. If he cares about providing camouflage to obscure fish at the bottom of the ocean, how much more does He care for you and I? The show unfortunately gives “evolution” all the credit, but talk can’t hide the amazing, wonderfulness that is our God.

Watch an episode and tell me if doesn’t draw your mind to heavenly places.

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If you think that is awesome wait till you see the DVD Ron and I have. I am planning a get together in the next month if possible to show this to some couples and you will be invited. We saw it a few weeks ago and it is totally awesome!