Business Tips from a Prayer Warrior

Some good business tips from the book, “Release the Power of Prayer.”

A businessman came to George Muller (who started several orphanages in 1800’s and who never asked for donations but just prayed them in) and wanted to have his advice. George became famous because published a report of God’s faithfulness in answered prayers every year, and he kept meticulous records. He also did “missionary tours” for seventeen years, starting in 1875, preaching to three million people in forty-two countries in the world.

George’s advice:
1. Everyday retreat with his Christian wife for the express purpose of prayer. In a unified spirit, they should spread their business difficulties before God. They should do this, if possible, twice a day.

2. Watch for answers to prayers and expect that God will help him.

3. Avoid all business fraud, like advertising for sale 2-3 items marked below cost price to attract customers, because it is an unbecoming practice for a disciple of the Lord Jesus to use such crafty methods. And if he did this, then he could not count on the blessings of the God.

4. Set apart out of his profits, week by week, a certain portion for the work of God, whether his income was much or little, and use this income faithfully for the Lord.

5. George asked the businessman to let him know how the dealt with him as the months went by.

In the next year, 1869, the businessman made 2,528 pounds 15s. 2d. more than the year before. He had put aside 123 pounds 13s. 3d. for the work of God or the needs of the poor.

Another part I liked:
Advice on children who were not serving God: “Continue to pray for your sons, expect an answer to your prayers, and you will have to praise God.”

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