Buried in Emails? Try This Speedy Tip

Emails come in faster than a speeding bullet…by the time you’ve dealt with one, you’ve got 10 more.

Here’s my favorite In-box cleanser tip:

Move any email to another box in three quick actions. (You probably thought dragging the emails was efficient…WRONG!) Use the keyboard, and you’ll be zapping emails like the best bug zapper from the 80’s!

1a. (For Mac – Microsoft Entourage) Hold down Command (Apple) + Shift + M. That’ll pop up a dialog box.
1b. (For PC – Microsoft Outlook) Hold down Control + Shift + V. That’ll pop up a dialog box.

2. Type the first few letters of the subfolder into which you want to move the email. The dialog box will show the box highlighted.

3. Hit return.

Bam! You have moved an email in seconds!!! Now you can clear out your inbox every day.

Try this and see if you don’t save loads of time every day and feel more organized in the process.

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