Brett and Sonia Explore the World of Auctions, Buy a Painting, & End up on TV

Our new painting!

Our new painting!

Brett and I went to an auction at Selkirk’s last weekend primarily because I had never been to one. It was a lot of fun. We went to the modernism auction, which was two days and had furniture and art. The day we went it was all art, as we found out. We had no real intentions of buying anything, but I had marked a few paintings I liked.

When the first one I marked came up, the price just kept dropping. Finally at $25, I nudged Brett to raise the paddle to bid. We bid and no one contested us! Yeah, we got a really cool painting, beautifully framed, for just $25. That’s cheaper than we could have gotten a poster framed at Target.

Then afterward, we ran into Anne-Marie Berger, the producer of the Living St. Louis show on KETC Channel 9. She interviewed us about our art buying experience and said we’d be on next Monday’s show (Nov. 23). So check it out if you get time!

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I love your auction experience – congrats! It’s truly a neat painting; got the calendar noted for KETC airing.

Ooops! Just realized the Nov. 23 KETC airing has passed–rats!