Our Unconventional Christmas Gift Thoughts

It’s only a few days before Christmas and most people seem stressed about what to buy for Christmas gifts, especially if they have a spouse or significant other to buy for.

People have been asking Brett and I what we’re getting each other.

Our answer: Nothing.

That’s right.

Brett and I decided when we got married that it was just too stressful to have to play guessing games about what to buy each other.

Instead, we go out shopping together sometime in February or March to buy ourselves something. Well, at least most of the time we do.

Benefits: we get good deals, and we can surprise each other any other time throughout the year.

The point is that we’d rather spend time with each other searching for something that we want rather than seeking the “perfect gift” for hours by ourselves.

Now, let me point out that neither of us have gifts as our top love language… and I do not recommend this strategy for those who are married to gifts-love-language people. But it really is so much more fun to go out on a relaxed afternoon sometime with the intention to find something nice together with your spouse. Or ladies, it is great when you see something you have to have that is on sale (like my Kitchenaid mixer this June) and be able to buy it right then.

If we all focused on making our spouses feel like they are important to us and very loved, then that would be the biggest gift we could give them all year long.

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Reader Comments

Good morning Sonia,
I will just take a minute of your time. I was browsing your website and came across your comment on Christmas. You have definitely made a profound analagy of what the holiday season should be about. People tend to get caught up in things other than the true gift of having our loved ones with us a this special time of year. The stress of the holidays overshadows the true meaning of celebrating HIM!
Thank you for your kind words last night,I really did appreciate your sincerity and kindness. You have extended you hand and your heart. I could not have asked for any gift that would or could have topped what you have done.
Merry Christmas to you and Brett.