A Note of Thanks from My Mom

My mom has asked that I share this note of thanks from her:

Subject: Praise God I’m home!

To all that have prayed, I wanted to personally thank you. I came home yesterday from the hospital and got to sleep in my own bed last night! Today I cleaned up the kitchen and ran the dishwasher! Except for a few bruises and a real funky hairdo with staples in my head, I feel pretty much like my old self.  I know that all of your prayers have held me up before God. He is my strength. I am still depending on your prayers for the upcoming treatment months.

Thanks to all who have sent encouraging cards and letters. I am reading and keeping every one. Sonia is printing out the return emails she gets and bringing them to me to read every day. They have been a real source of encouragement. Also, to all who have sent flowers and gift baskets, thank you for your kindness.

God is good and I am continuing to trust in Him,
Gloria Crites

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Yea God! I am so happy she is home!
Still praying girl.
Hannah McDonald

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Praise God! He is Faithful to His Promises.
Sonia, this is Lois. From Family Church. Chuck and I are continuing to pray for your Mom. Please give her a hug and kiss from us.
Love, Lois xoxoxoxoxo

Hi Gloria,

I have been so worried about you and done so much praying for you. You will continue to be in my and my family’s prayers.

Interesting, I had a total mastectomy last Monday as they found a malignant lump. I am at home recovering and, as you can understand, very happy to be home. There certainly is nothing like your own home and bed.

Please stay in touch and get well soon.


Thank God she’s home, yeah! I am so glad Glo made it home and she looks great! Tell her that with that cap on she looks like she had a perm. She might get a tickle out of that! I’ve been sending lots of prayers and warm thoughts from Southern Illinois. I miss seeing you, Sonia! Hopefully we can get together soon. Tell your mom I think about her everyday and pray for her full recovery. Love to all, Teresa (Hi Brett!)