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Take a look at the beautiful flower pictures on Peggy’s website!

My cousin, Peggy, has posted some really gorgeous flower pictures on her website, I love them. They are a feast for the eyes when it is gray and dim outside! It reminds me that beauty can be found in the rainstorm… if you have the right perspective. I love spring!

Time to grow up (or get a smaller chair)!

I thought it would be fun to share this fun photo taken of me in a giant chair at St. Louis Family Church. Fun, ehh? Brett would love to have it. It would look good next to the R2D2 giant plastic mold and the 3 Stooges statues.

I take back that spring comment – snow in March?!

I guess I spoke too soon! We had snow last night, but luckily I covered my flowers and they survived. I saw one of the coolest visuals ever last night in the snow. Brett and I were driving home from my dad’s house after midnight. The snowflakes were clumped together. It was snowing steadily. Suddenly, […]

Spring is here!

I am so glad to feel the sunshine on my face and the warm breeze through my hair. There’s an optimism to spring that overpowers me with a smile and peaceful thoughts. I love to walk around outside and see the small green shoots of flowers appearing out of the ground. Some days they seem […]

Check out the newly updated!

Yes… it’s the moment Brett and I have been working on for quite some time now. We’ve finally completed the complete redesign of Brett’s company website,! Check it out and give us your feedback. Exciting new features: RSS feeds personally selected by Brett for your reading pleasure Wonderful new bios written by me A […]

Top 10 Conan O’Brien Moments

I saw this link on Twitter for Top 10 Conan Moments.  Brett and had quite a lot of laughs watching everything from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to Mr. T to Martha Stewart! Here’s a link to the videos on I pity the fool who doesn’t watch these funny videos!

Space Heaters Are the Bomb!

For the past year since I’ve been working at home, I often get a bit chilled. My desk is right next to one of our 40-year-old windows, so I guess it’s a draft. But a few weeks ago when it was bitter cold outside and snowing, I declared to Brett that, “I had to have […]

Published on Creating a Stir about Credit Cards!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on about credit cards making me money–and I funny experience I had on the phone with a bank customer service rep. Brett suggested I submit it to one of his favorite personal finance blogs, So we did. The editor, J.D. Roth liked the post and […]

Grateful for Jesus

Today I am grateful for my savior. I’m grateful that He was born and that He took away all my sins and infirmities. I’m grateful I get a day off to think about what He did for me. I am so glad that I am not alone, for He said He would never leave me […]

Our Unconventional Christmas Gift Thoughts

It’s only a few days before Christmas and most people seem stressed about what to buy for Christmas gifts, especially if they have a spouse or significant other to buy for. People have been asking Brett and I what we’re getting each other. Our answer: Nothing. That’s right. Brett and I decided when we got […]