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Judging My Book by Its Cover

As you’ve read here on, I recently finished writing a 120 page book. In December, I started brainstorming ideas for my 90+ page culminating project for my Masters in Fine Art in Writing (MFA). Originally, I waffled between fiction and non-fiction. I spent hours thinking of ideas, writing outlines, and then ultimately ditching everything. […]

Photos of Brett and His New iPhone 4

This is the first time that we didn’t spend hours at the Apple store waiting for Brett to get his new iPhone. Instead the iPhone 4 came in the mail a day early! It is slightly thinner and has a beautiful high quality display… so much so that 78% of the iPad’s pixels will fit […]

Great Video on Vendor/Client Relationship

If you’ve ever ran your own business or applied for a job, you’ll relate to this funny video. We deal with it every day! My favorite line: “No… I want the haircut and the highlights, but I only want to pay for the haircut…”