Month: October 2009

  • 5 things to help with organizing and Getting Things Done (GTD)

    One of our passions in recent years has been to find a way to become more organized with all of our various projects so that we can relax when we actually stop working. Because let’s face, we’ve all got more things coming at us than we can handle! Brett read about a method (and book) […]

  • Update on the family

    I have the wonderful opportunity to talk or email with many of our friends, but sometimes time goes faster than expected, OR I just forget to update friends with how things are going. I get a lot of questions about how my family has been doing because we’ve all had a pretty rough time of […]

  • Fun photo booth pics of me & Brett, courtesy of my cousin Amy’s wedding

    Brett and I went to the wedding of my cousin Amy Querry (now Berra) last weekend. It was a great time (lots of dancing and time with my sister). In addition to grooving to “The YMCA” song and LL Cool J, we also got to play with a fun new idea. Amy hired a photo […]

  • Sonia’s company, Coleman Unlimited, is a year and a half!

    It’s funny how months fly by! It’s been over a year and a half since I left my association job to start my own company. It’s hard to believe! Brett and I are having a blast working together in our new offices. I love my new desk!!! Next time I clean it, I’ll take a […]