Month: November 2008

  • Sonia Experiences Motorized Shopping

    I am recovering well, but I still have trouble standing for more than about 7 minutes. So yesterday, Brett and I decided to drop into the grocery store. And I decided to try out the motorized cart… Big Fun!!! Here’s a pic of my adventures at the store with Brett.

  • Update: I’m Home from the Hospital!

    Good news, everyone! I was released from the hospital yesterday, Nov. 24. The swelling in my leg had went down, and I was out of critical danger. I was and still am, however, very tired and weak. But I still feel pretty good other than that. I loved sleeping in my own bed with Brett […]

  • Yes… I am in the hospital

    I wanted to give an update to everyone. It’s been a bit of whirlwind. I went to the doctor yesterday with Brett to double-check on a pain I was having when I took a deep breath. While I was there, I decided to check on my left leg, which was swollen and so sore that […]

  • You’ve Got to Read My New Post on “Bad Press for a Penny” at Coleman

    It’s quite a story! Find out my thoughts on how a city government created a PR blunder with unmonitored accounting and a bad attitude. And guess who’s the victim: a 74-year-old blind lady! I am also really excited because one of my favorite e-newsletter publishers, The Publicity Hound, read the post and commented! I feel […]

  • Thankful for Thanksgiving

    As this time of year rolls around, I always look forward to a day devoted to giving thanks. I guess it started back when I was a kid in school–I always looked forward to the break from hard work, from the daily grind. We always had relaxing Thanksgiving holidays at our house. My grandma would […]

  • Check out the new look of

    Brett has been teaching me more and more about web. So last week, I changed the look of, my more writing-focused blog. What do you think?

  • Popping Pomegranates

    Last year, Brett and I discovered a faster way to get the ruby red jewels out of a pomegranate, thanks to Alton Brown’s Good Eats TV show. Brett has grown up with the alien-looking fruits, which are hard for me to hold in one hand. But trying to open them and get out the juice-surrounded […]

  • SLFC Sermon Notes Now to Be Posted on

    To friends and anyone interested in some good uplifting words, I am going to start posting my raw sermon notes from St. Louis Family Church on my other blog, I’ve been taking digital notes since last year when I got my iPhone, and I type around 35 WPM, so I catch quite a lot […]